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Professional HVAC Maintenance in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Evenflow Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd. provides HVAC maintenance services in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We are fully equipped to help you with the installation and maintenance of your heating and refrigeration systems. Our experienced technicians will provide complete support to find the best possible system for your business needs.

Complete Installation and Preventative Maintenance

We provide complete installation and preventative maintenance services to our clients. From delivery to installation to start up, we will handle it all. We work with you to plan the installation of your new HVAC or refrigeration system. We provide regular scheduled maintenance for your equipment to suit your needs.

Condenser cleaning

Wiring and component inspection

Evaporator cleaning

Bearing inspection

Air filter replacement

Full system operation check

Belt replacement

Lubricate equipment to manufacturers’ recommendation

Refrigerant pressure check

Thermostat functionality check

Temperature differential check

Replace water filter

Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Ice Machines

Ice machines need regular cleaning and maintenance services to prevent germ growth. Evenflow Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd.’s experienced technicians will provided you with regular cleaning and descaling services on the following:

Water-cooled machines

Air-cooled machines

Other components

Water filters

Give us a call today to book our services!

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